Twin Caverns


From Sydney, Twin Caverns is a new project consisting of Louise Millar and Michael Macias. For the duo’s first release they’ve delivered a gorgeous rework of Bon Iver’s ‘Hinnom, TX‘. Establishing a wonderful balance of crisp production and delicate vocals, the Sydney duo have created something truly special. I’m really excited to hear more from Twin Caverns. Grab a free download of their debut release here.

Bon Iver – Hinnom, TX (Twin Caverns)

Manatee Commune


Lovely‘ is the incredible new track from Manatee Commune, the solo project of Grant Eadie. The track’s lo-fi experimental sounds and delicate vocals sooth the listener into a dream-like state.  The gorgeous vocals are by Alessandra Haley. ‘Lovely‘ is taken from the Washington-based musician’s forthcoming album titled Brush. Immerse yourself in the beautiful world of Manatee Commune below. Download ‘Lovelyhere.

Manatee Commune – Lovely

Dear Earth


Dear Earth is the solo work of London-based producer Peter Hall. His soundcloud is light in terms of tracks but his most recent offering is an absolute gem. ‘Lock and Toad‘ opens with a sense of mystery as humming sounds emerge, before the clicking percussion and crackling bass sounds find their place beautifully. ‘Load and Toad‘ is free to download here.

Dear Earth – Lock and Toad

Night Park


Memphis-based electronic artist Night Park released his debut EP earlier today and it’s full of experimental electronic treats. The EP opener, ‘Detective‘, is a wonderfully crafted electronic gem with its inviting vocal samples and dark, evolving bass sound. This evolving experimental vibe is evident throughout the brilliant five-track EP. The Detective EP is out now via ЯΛRΞ ИNUĐΞS.

Night Park – Detective



Today saw the release of TMPST‘s highly impressive debut EP. The side project of musician Asfandyar Khan, this four-track release is further evidence of Khan’s penchant for crafting forward-thinking electronic music. The EP opener, ‘Three For‘, is one of my favourite tracks I’ve heard all year. Its progressive bass sound invites the listener in while the slick vocal samples compliment the track’s overall emotive atmosphere. Serpentine EP is available via bandcamp.

TMPST – Three For

Summer Fling


Summer Fling‘ is the superb first offering from Poland-based electronic musician Kohi. A glorious wave of lush synth sounds flow from the outset before being met by some hazy, lo-fi sounding percussion. The accompanying video is a perfect visual of what the song is all about: summer nostalgia. Grab both of Kohi‘s tracks for free here.

Kohi – Summer Fling

Small Topography


Small Topography is a solo project that has recently come to my attention. Information surrounding the project is pretty light. After releasing a few remixes back in the summer, today saw the release of the project’s first single from what I can gather. ‘Estates‘ is a soothing blend of experimental pop and lush electronic music. Head to bandcamp for a free download.

Small Topography – Estates



From what I can gather, Y U M Λ has only recently cropped up on the soundcloud producer scene. With two tracks uploaded to date, there’s enough there to see some real potential. ‘Palm Trees‘ is nicely crafted with particular focus on its homespun textures and pitch-shifted vocal samples. ‘For YEVRS‘ is a blissful affair with its airy, fluttering synths and rhythmic percussive kicks. Both tracks are free to download via soundcloud. Y U M Λ is one to watch for sure.


Annie’s Song


Annie’s Song‘ is the latest offering from the ever impressive sixteen year-old musician Hasta (Thomas Wesenlund). The Norway-based artist has developed a penchant for crafting high-calibre, emotive electronic tracks. His most recent rings true to this; a gorgeous chilled-out atmosphere floats along through the track’s soothing guitar sounds, dreamy synth work, and lush vocals. ‘Annie’s Song‘ is free to download here.

Hasta – Annie’s Song



Eon, the debut EP from CRISTALLIN, is a welcome reminder that music is indeed beautiful. The Switzerland-based producer’s four-track EP serves as a glorious collection of euphoric electronic treats. CRISTALLIN has always had this great ability to create a sense of nostalgia in his work, both musically and visually, and his debut EP seamlessly follows suit. The EP-closer, ‘Forever‘, displays an eclectic range of sounds: soothing vocals drifting over airy chimes, swirling synth sounds and fluid drum patterns. The Eon EP is out now via the excellent The Brio Life. This is the seventh time (yeah, I counted) CRISTALLIN has featured on BIS, it’s safe to say I’m a fan.