City Nights

On The 88 continues to produce gem after gem. LA’s Drew Porras is On The 88 and an album is incoming. The album is titled ‘Your Face’ and you can check out the five minute teaser below. Also check out the tracklisting below. As I outlined at the outset On The 88 is a continuous gem deliverer, the latest such gem is City Nights. The album should be dropping soon so keep a look out. Drew also put’s together some incredibly chill mixtapes, check out his soundcloud.

Your Face tracklisting:

1. Votre Visage: At Dawn
2. Early Morning Eyes
3. Last Nite’s Lipgloss
4. Steam in the Mirror
5. (A Freshly Painted….)
6. Warped Image
7. Bathroom Touchups
8. Bangs Swept Aside
9. Eyelids Twitching
10. Buried in the Sheets
11. Votre Visage: At Dusk

City Nights

Your Face Teaser

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