Harmonic Melody


Pittsburgh based multi-instrumentalist Jennifer Baron has just released her debut LP Melody Elder on Night People Records. The Pittsburgh based musician makes swirling synthpop under the name The Garment District. Some of you may recall Jennifer as she was a founding member of the Brooklyn based band The Ladybug Transistor. On her debut LP as The Garment District, she is joined by her cousin Lucy Blehar on lead vocals and Jowe Head of the legendary Television Personalities/Swell Maps on bass. The trio combine sublimely to create swirling ambient electronics coupled with smooth lead vocals. The two lead singles from Melody Elder are instrumental in nature and create expansive atmospherics with flickering synth’s and luscious melodies. Head over to Night People Records and grab the limited Melody Elder cassette. Check out the superb Garment District on soundcloud and bandcamp. Dreamy in nature, lead track Only Air creates a warm texture that evokes nostalgic vibes. The organ synth sounding combo is otherworldly. Check out the dreamy track below and its fittingly gorgeous video.

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