Vent Solaire

The sublime Sobrenadar is the dreamy musical solo project of Argentina native Paula Garcia. The highly impressive musician has a wonderful ability to craft rich, hazy, ambient gems. With a musical background it’s no wonder her music has a real polished sound to it. Sobrenadar has delivered three gorgeous dreamwave EP’s to date. Check out the self-titled EP, the sublime Vent Solaire and her latest Guam. There is a certain allure to the music of Sobrenadar that one can’t help but embrace. The luscious synth’s, eerie acoustic’s, smooth percussion and warm vocals lend themselves to the creation of stunning dream pop aesthetics. Check out two glorious tracks below. The first, Campo Estelar, is taken from the debut EP and the second, Pleyares, is from the Vent Solaire EP. Let the sheer beauty ensue……

Campo Estelar



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