Breakthrough Act of the Year 2011



Undoubtedly my favourite act to emerge this year is Thrupence, the solo project of Melbourne resident Jack Vanzet. Jack has this innate ability to craft atmospheric beats through the use of smooth synths, floating melodies and slick percussion. Thrupence deliver’s a real nostalgic dream-like approach to beat making. Although the mighty Melbourne musician didn’t have an official release this year, ie. EP/LP, he has a number of stellar electronic gems up on his soundcloud page which includes a twenty plus minute Beat Tape. This euphoric beat tape titled Unfinished Business has the vibe of an enchanted lullaby that flows effortlessly. The Beat Tape generated a lot of well deserved hype throughout the blogosphere. Jack modestly describes the Beat Tape as

“a bunch of old songs from many moons ago that haven’t made the cut, need more work or I can’t finish.”

Thrupence is currently in the midst of completing a new Beat Tape which has morphed into an EP. Keep a lookout for it to drop soon. Jack is not only a talented musician but also a creative designer/director, illustrator, film/audio maker. Check out his impressive work here. The exciting thing is that I reckon Thrupence is only just getting started, the future’s looking bright. Give the soothing gem Transpose a whirl below.

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