Ones To Watch 2012

Undoubtedly this past year has been superb from a music point of view. 2011 saw the emergence of many new and innovative musicians and this trend looks set to continue on into next year. A number of acts have made a real impression on me this past year, so I thought I’d outline twenty of these acts who I think will have a big year in 2012. The following, in no particular order, is my list of twenty acts to watch in 2012:

1. True North

2. Albatross

3. Jesse Ruins

4. Thrupence

5. The-Drum

6. Nakagin

7. Supreme Cuts


9. Elizabeth Rose

10. Slow Magic

11. Moths


13. Glam Shell

14. The Bilinda Butchers

15. Hazy Mountains

16. The Blank

17. Young Eagle

18. Southern Shores

19. Monto

20. Polographia

Make the most of the last few days of 2011 as we approach the new year…

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