Guest Post: All-Stars

Hard to believe this is the 1,000th post on BIS. To mark the occasion I’ve asked some of the very best in the blog game to contribute a piece highlighting their favourite musical act to emerge this year. Much love to Life: Aquatic, Gluttony Is The New Black, East to West, and Hearing Gold. The path toward the next milestone awaits.




Kush Kale only seems to operate out of his plain YouTube page, with a handful of sound pieces that are accompanied by carefully selected still images. His lack of presence as a person leaves room for imagination and full appreciation of the mysteriousness that surround his sounds. A certain level of dark suffering can be heard under muted drum sounds and the occasional down-pitched vocals.

His country is listed as Nigeria on YouTube, which is not hard to believe, as certain african flavours are apparent in some of his sound packages. With only a few views on YouTube, it’s possible that he/she will remain under the radar until someone is somehow redirected from Frank Ocean live performance videos and re-evaluates their life.

Kush Kale – Alifa (live arrangement 2)



What can be said about Dan Casey? The deep funk whirlwind behind Yalls and Steezy Ray Vibes, two projects I have fallen hard for this year. So unique. So perfect. Yalls fills a void in the electronic music space blending funk, soul, pop and glitch, all in his own style of new wave electronic. ‘Real Fantasy’ combines squibbles and squeaks, and a xylophone effect that makes you feel all giddy and childlike inside, as if you could skip down the street holding hands with your first love…Kinda like a fantasy come true, a real fantasy. It’s like a Pee Wee Herman inspired love ballad for cool nerds everywhere. I can’t get enough.

Dan’s other project, Steezy Ray Vibes takes a more guitar driven approach with haunting backing vocals that hiss and coo beneath simple electronic guitar chords, reverbed effects, looping raspy whispers all enveloped by a melody that seems so simple, but is dripping in complexity. I can’t help but be reminded of Manchester duo No Ceremony, or even more so, The xx. Similar rhythmic claps, bare bones guitar chords and this airy sparseness that they have made their trademark are also present in Steezy Ray Vibes tracks. Dan Casey’s projects should be on the top of your list to check out.

Yalls – Real Fantasy



I think it won’t surprise anyone I know that my favourite emerging act of this year is LindsayTUC*. Since I discovered electronic music, how I see it and the effect it has on me has always evolved as my tastes have, and as my mind has opened. I’ve exchanged moderately sized venues with timid crowds for club nights or warehouse parties with sweaty tensions and communal exhalations. Three years ago, if you asked me what house or dance music I listened to you, I probably would have scoffed in your face and rolled my eyes over some undisclosed diatribe. But things have changed, people like LindsayTUC* are changing the game, making late night music accessible to the untrained ear, the cynic. His use of homemade percussion, of interlacing rhythms and steady builds highlight the power dance music has to touch the essence of the human experience, in a sense the animal within, who truly wants to escape – mind, body, and soul – into the cathartic repetition.

The fact that people like LindsayTUC* are making music like this in Australia inspires me even more. We are not Berlin. We are not London, but we have the ability to hold onto these experiences, these musical reverences and create our own version of club culture which does not revolve around the EDM consumer-market. There are a lot of stigmas surrounding these genres, and as long as there are forward thinking producers in amongst the masses and the hype pushing the boundaries with the respect and passion that makes their music what it is, I have hope for the future of our spiritual awakenings.

LindsayTUC* – Taste



Over here at Hearing Gold, we’re always looking for fresh and innovative sounds that inspire but also elicit the right vibes, both visually and aurally. We came across New York’s 17 year-old producer Yume a while back and haven’t been able to push his work aside even for a minute. The first track that he sent to us was ‘Dreamt of U’ and its captivating hold on us was and is still irrevocable. The track is a dreamy, lo-fi ambient gem with samples that loop and skip around like hazy episodes of déjà vu.

The talented young producer just released his debut EP not too long ago and the 4 tracks on the album are pure ambient treasures that are woven together like pieces of a dream. The atmosphere in Yume’s work effortlessly blends the emotive with the ethereal, a feat that can be described as painting an intangible dream on a canvas. Be sure to grab the breathtaking track from the young producer over at Soundcloud and find the track on his debut EP Dreamt of U over at Bandcamp.

Yume – Dreamt of U

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