Favourite Releases of the Year 2012

This past year I didn’t get around to checking out enough albums to constitute a ‘favourite album’ list on my part. So I decided to put together a succinct list containing my favourite fifteen releases of the year instead, featuring a mix of EPs and LPs. I should also point out that my favourite release is no longer available as it is set to be re-released early next year. In terms of BIS as a music blog, 2012 saw a few nice milestones hit. 2012 brought Believe In Sound’s first compilation Forever The Feeling and the 1,000th post mark was hit. Much love again to all the artists involved with the compilation and the stellar bloggers with the 1,000th post. Hopefully 2013 will see the blog evolve further.


15. Nowa Huta – Holla E17 I’m Rain


14. Airbag – First Words


13. Capeface – Burning Books


12. Ghosts – Night


11. Cadence Collective – Cadence Sampler


10. Oscar Key Sung – Tape Voice


9. The Blank – Plastic Dreams


8. Catching Flies – The Stars


7. Albatross – Murder / Caspers Theme


6. Cube Face – Fair Use


5. Thrupence – Voyages


4. Odesza – Summer’s Gone


3. Motion Picture Actress – Natural Ghost


2. Hazy Memories – Out of Place


1. Adolescent – Golden Halls

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