Favourite Irish Songs of the Year 2012


This past year has been pretty stellar in terms of the Irish electronic music scene. While some favourites from last year have continued to evolve and raise their game this year, it’s great to see the emergence of a number of highly talented newcomers also. In keeping with my previous favourite lists, here are my favourite fifteen Irish songs of the year.

15. White Collar Boy – Long Walk Home (ft. Gemma Dunlovely)


14. Forrests – Tarifa


13. Redahan – Bon Bon (ft. Naoise Fitzgerald)


12. Zoe Wolfe – Everything In It’s Wrong Place


11. Lemonada – EZ.


10. Peadar Kearney – Ahab


9. Replete – Clap Your Hands


8. Young Wonder – Lucky One


7. Faws – Hummingbird


6. Sad Soul Sircus – Colorful Lights


5. Frank B – Chain Of Fools


4. Clu – Evening Ever


3. MMOTHS – Over You


2. REID – Miami


1. Ghosts – The Bus Home

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