‘As Above, So Below’: A Believe In Sound Compilation


Artwork/Photo: Dreems/Alexis Newton Photography

As Above, So Below‘ is the third compilation to be released here on BIS. The sixteen-track compilation is a true representation of the minimal, emotive vibe that’s become the foundation of this blog over the last few years. I was very fortunate that the cast I assembled as well as the track submissions I received fit the overall aesthetic of the compilation beautifully. Without further ado, a big thanks to the ‘As Above, So Below‘ cast: Kimekai, After Eating, Pullahs, Peadar Kearney, JUOMO, Kohi, Hounded, J Milto, Allatus, Hazy Mountains, Elderflower, TMPST, Quixotism, Dreems, Silica Cove, Hotwax. A big thank you to Dreems and Alexis Newton for the artwork. Grab those headphones and get lost in the minimal sounds of ‘As Above, So Below‘.

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