‘As Above, So Below’: A Believe In Sound Compilation


Artwork/Photo: Dreems/Alexis Newton Photography

As Above, So Below‘ is the third compilation to be released here on BIS. The sixteen-track compilation is a true representation of the minimal, emotive vibe that’s become the foundation of this blog over the last few years. I was very fortunate that the cast I assembled as well as the track submissions I received fit the overall aesthetic of the compilation beautifully. Without further ado, a big thanks to the ‘As Above, So Below‘ cast: Kimekai, After Eating, Pullahs, Peadar Kearney, JUOMO, Kohi, Hounded, J Milto, Allatus, Hazy Mountains, Elderflower, TMPST, Quixotism, Dreems, Silica Cove, Hotwax. A big thank you to Dreems and Alexis Newton for the artwork. Grab those headphones and get lost in the minimal sounds of ‘As Above, So Below‘.

Salamander Bay

Photo: Mary Robinson

A few weeks ago I got introduced to the sounds of Salamander Bay, a project for which there is next to none information available. ‘Forever‘ would appear to be the project’s debut offering. It’s got a feel-good, summer vibe to it a la the sounds of Southern Shores. Grab a free download over on bandcamp.

Salamander Bay – Forever

Bad Trips

Photo: Can Dagarslani

Georgia has produced some true gems in recent times. Okinawa Lifestyle and Gacha are atop the list for me. Enter, Oimactta, a new project based in Georgia with very little information as to its make-up, influences etc. Oimactta‘s debut EP was released a few days ago and it’s a masterclass in deep, ambient music. I found it pretty tough to single out one track to showcase the EP but ‘DMT‘ is a good starting point. Grab the stellar Bad Trips EP here.

Oimactta – DMT

Sunshine, Blue Skies

Photo: Emmanuel Rosario

Inspired by Gaspar Noé’s Enter The Void, James i.V set about delivering one of the year’s (albeit early) finest tracks. Under the moniker James i.V, formerly Network and James IV Stewart, this talented Sydney-based artist has been steadily building a high-calibre collection of work. His latest, ‘Sunshine, Blue Skies‘, is a masterclass in vibe-laden electronic music. Be sure and grab a free download here.

James i.V – Sunshine, Blue Skies


Photo: Thomas Van Der Zaag

Yilan is a twenty-one year-old producer based in Coventry, UK. He recently dropped a pretty slick four-track release titled Tremble, featuring a mix of old and new tracks. ‘I’m Not Really Here‘ is an absolute gem; gorgeous vocal samples, energetic keys, and smooth bass give rise to an all too irresistible listening experience. Grab the Tremble release for free here and be sure to check out Yilan‘s eclectic mix of sounds on the cloud.

Yilan – I’m Not Really Here

Winter Flags

Photo: Jovan Todorovic

Taken from my favourite release of 2013, ‘Winter Flags‘ is the kind of track that would fit seamlessly into the soundtrack of a Sofia Coppola film. Winter Flags is the side project of Tbilisi, Georgia native Gacha Bakradze. Gacha‘s penchant for creating forward-thinking, emotive ambient music is plain for all to hear on his debut Winter Flags release. The seven-track debut is a masterclass in ambient electronic music. The EP is available via Dado Records.

Winter Flags – Winter Flags


Photo: Jovan Todorovic

I was recently pointed in the direction of Swimful Buterfly‘s debut beat tape. 馬路天使 (Street Angel) can be filed under the distinct aesthetic ‘Based’. Laced in deep nostalgia and ethereal beauty, 馬路天使 (Street Angel) delivers a highly engrossing listen from start to finish. ‘Ossorus‘ is a particular highlight; its subtle percussion, flickering bass, and glorious vocal samples are structured perfectly. Enjoy the ride and free download via bandcamp. Thanks to odubhghall for the tip.

Swimful Buterfly – Ossorus


Photo: Lina Scheynius

Aquarius‘ has got it all; five minutes and twenty-three seconds of pure, vibe-laden bliss. This gem from Planète featured in my favourite tracks of 2013 list but given its sheer brilliance, I felt it was worthy of highlighting again. The talented Melbourne-based artist has developed a stellar collection of tracks in the last few years. Grab a free download of ‘Aquariushere.

Planète – Aquarius