Fireflies In Prabang


Kicking off 2014 with the soothing, organic sounds of Perth’s Dara Nafasi. ‘Fireflies In Prabang‘ is a wonderfully crafted track with irresistible string work, delicate vocals and organic textures. Dara Nafasi is the solo project of Tim Sherry, his debut album is set for release later this year. The album, ‘Vientiane Vagabond‘, is heavily influenced by his travels throughout the Mekong region in Laos. Get lost in the sublime ‘Fireflies In Prabang‘ below, free download here.

Dara Nafasi – Fireflies In Prabang


Photo: Alena Chendler

The last few months I’ve found myself consistently revisiting the sounds of Hinako Takada. Born in Japan, now based in Melbourne, this twenty-one year-old beatmaker and electronic music producer is definitely one to watch. ‘Apricot‘ is a truly stunning piece of electronic music; atmospheric synths, crisp percussion, and echoing vocal sounds are combined beautifully. Last month, she played a superb live set at Ferdydurke, listen to it here. Hinako Takada is the future.

Hinako Takada – Apricot

Wash Away

Photo: Jeffrey McKee

The supremely talented Southampton-based electronic musician Foundrel dropped a number of slick new tracks to close out 2013. This is the first we’ve heard from Foundrel since his glorious opus ‘Void‘. Foundrel‘s penchant for creating electronic bliss is on full display with ‘Wash Away‘. Clicking percussion, progressive chords, warm bass sounds, and smooth vocal samples flourish in this vibe-laden gem. Enjoy free downloads via the cloud.

Foundrel – Wash Away

In Zadar

Photo: Jeffrey McKee

Samuel Organ is a Brighton-based musician impressing of late. His minimal, downtempo style of electronic production has resulted in a number of highly impressive tracks. ‘In Zadar‘ is a particular favourite of mine; its airy chimes, minimal sounds and slick synth work are exquisitely displayed. Be sure to check out more from Samuel Organ on the cloud, free downloads available also.

Samuel Organ – In Zadar


Photo: Esben Bøg

MMOTHS returns with another beautifully crafted electronic treat, ‘Untitled‘. Soft piano keys, emotive vocal coos, and lush synth sounds result in a gorgeous, moving atmosphere. The young Irish musician has been working on a new album, which is set for release some time in 2014. In the meantime, enjoy a free download of ‘Untitledhere.

MMOTHS – Untitled

Favourite Songs of the Year 2013


To go with my favourite releases list, here’s my favourite songs from 2013.

15. After Eating – Ur Stroke

14. CRISTALLIN – Terranea

13. Kimekai – Live Lead

12. Pullahs – Celestial

11. TMPST – Three For

10. Ishome – Adam

9. Sloww Lyfe – Missed Connections

8. Female – Clouds

7. Beau Young Prince x Bearcubs – Model Walk

6. Planète – WRLDS

5. Adolescent – Shy

4. James i.V Stewart – Midnight Express

3. Mehawk – Abovt

2. Planète – Aquarius

1. Winter Flags – Make You

Favourite Releases of the Year 2013


That time of the year has come once again, formulating lists of favourites from the year. In truth, 2013 has been a year of many exciting new artists/releases that I haven’t got around to checking out. The following is a selection of releases that particularly impressed in my opinion and they are very worthy of your attention.

12. Oathless – Inhale / Exhale

11. Surf Dad – Unholy

10. Female – Female

9. Bearcubs – Honest

8. Odesza – My Friends Never Die

7. TMPST – Serpentine

6. Benihana – Patterns

5. Ishome – Confession

4. TWOS – Feel


2. Gacha – Album

1. Winter Flags – Winter Flags



I’ve been off the grid for the last month or so, after a quick scan through submission emails one particular gem shone brightest. Samuel J is a young producer from Brighton and he’s also the drummer in Harting. His debut track, ‘Soliloquy‘, under his solo moniker is an absolute beauty: soothing bass sounds, percussive treats and playful vocals result in a gorgeous ethereal vibe. Samuel J is definitely one to watch, grab his debut track for free here.

Samuel J – Soliloquy



Earlier this week I was delighted to find an absolute gem sitting in my inbox. From Croatia, twenty-one year-old Marko Vuković works under the moniker Kimekai. Going by soundcloud, the project is relatively new. His most recent offering, ‘Live Lead‘, is exceptional: clicking percussion, airy synth sounds and crisp vocal work are blended superbly throughout. Expect to be hearing a lot more from this highly impressive producer. Be on the lookout for Kimekai‘s debut album Coral Dreams, which is out soon.

Kimekai – Live Lead

Twin Caverns


From Sydney, Twin Caverns is a new project consisting of Louise Millar and Michael Macias. For the duo’s first release they’ve delivered a gorgeous rework of Bon Iver’s ‘Hinnom, TX‘. Establishing a wonderful balance of crisp production and delicate vocals, the Sydney duo have created something truly special. I’m really excited to hear more from Twin Caverns. Grab a free download of their debut release here.

Bon Iver – Hinnom, TX (Twin Caverns)