Photo: Simon Lefebvre

Melbourne’s Planète is back. The incredibly talented musician returns with two vibe-laden, slow-motion dance tracks that are all too irresistible. ‘Embers‘ is a beautifully crafted seven-minute gem, taking the listener deep into the realms of lush, electronic bliss. Get lost in the beautiful world of Planète below. Coup de maître.


Photo: Lina Scheynius

Aquarius‘ has got it all; five minutes and twenty-three seconds of pure, vibe-laden bliss. This gem from Planète featured in my favourite tracks of 2013 list but given its sheer brilliance, I felt it was worthy of highlighting again. The talented Melbourne-based artist has developed a stellar collection of tracks in the last few years. Grab a free download of ‘Aquariushere.

Planète – Aquarius



Melbourne’s PLANÈTE returns with another wonderfully crafted electronic opus, evoking those perfect feelings of summer. ‘WRLDS‘ takes the listener on a vibe-laden, feel-good journey into the depths of aural bliss. This is the first we’ve heard from the Melbourne residing musician in a while. ‘WRLDS‘ is free to download here; get lost in the dancey, floating vibes below.