Favourite Releases of the Year 2013


That time of the year has come once again, formulating lists of favourites from the year. In truth, 2013 has been a year of many exciting new artists/releases that I haven’t got around to checking out. The following is a selection of releases that particularly impressed in my opinion and they are very worthy of your attention.

12. Oathless – Inhale / Exhale

11. Surf Dad – Unholy

10. Female – Female

9. Bearcubs – Honest

8. Odesza – My Friends Never Die

7. TMPST – Serpentine

6. Benihana – Patterns

5. Ishome – Confession

4. TWOS – Feel


2. Gacha – Album

1. Winter Flags – Winter Flags



Today saw the release of TMPST‘s highly impressive debut EP. The side project of musician Asfandyar Khan, this four-track release is further evidence of Khan’s penchant for crafting forward-thinking electronic music. The EP opener, ‘Three For‘, is one of my favourite tracks I’ve heard all year. Its progressive bass sound invites the listener in while the slick vocal samples compliment the track’s overall emotive atmosphere. Serpentine EP is available via bandcamp.

TMPST – Three For

Sun Trails


Based in Islamabad, Pakistan TMPST is the new side project of musician Asfandyar Khan. The first taste of his new project is the glorious ‘Sun Trails’. This aptly titled opus is full of lush textures, serenely painted soundscapes, and gorgeous drum patterns. ‘Sun Trails’ is free to download here. Be sure to follow TMPST on soundcloud, where you can also check out his sublime ambient-based music.

TMPST – Sun Trails