Favourite Releases of the Year 2013


That time of the year has come once again, formulating lists of favourites from the year. In truth, 2013 has been a year of many exciting new artists/releases that I haven’t got around to checking out. The following is a selection of releases that particularly impressed in my opinion and they are very worthy of your attention.

12. Oathless – Inhale / Exhale

11. Surf Dad – Unholy

10. Female – Female

9. Bearcubs – Honest

8. Odesza – My Friends Never Die

7. TMPST – Serpentine

6. Benihana – Patterns

5. Ishome – Confession

4. TWOS – Feel


2. Gacha – Album

1. Winter Flags – Winter Flags

Beautiful (She)


Beautiful (She)’ is pretty much as described, a wonderfully rewarding journey into the realms of emotive electronic music. It seems there is no end to the talents of Twos, who is prolific in his/her production of high calibre electronic opuses. ‘Beautiful (She)’ shines with some lush percussive clicks and truly breathtaking vocal samples. Free download via the cloud. Get lost in the otherworldly sounds below.

Twos – Beautiful (She)

By Your Side


I know next to nothing about this new project, Twos. We are presented with a soundcloud comprised of two wonderfully crafted electronic pieces, ‘By Your Side’ and ‘With You’. The former seems to be garnering more attention. The impressive track is overflowing with lush dreamlike soundscapes and echoing vocal sounds. Both tracks are free to download via soundcloud. Check out the video for ‘By Your Sidehere. I should note that I was introduced to Twos through Sleepy Taryn’s tumblr page.

Twos – By Your Side