High Wear

Photo: Pietre

Holly .K is a name to definitely keep on your radar. The UK-based artist has an impressive collection of tracks, which she modestly refers to as “rough demos”. A self-described maker of organic, homegrown noise, Holly’s work is both rich and inviting. ‘High Wear‘ is a particular highlight with its slick, ethereal vibe. Be sure and check out Holly’s soundcloud for more.


Photo: Nikoloz Mameishvili

One of my favourite new artists, allatus, has just released a new track. With ‘Fletcher‘, the impressive nineteen year-old continues to deliver a wonderful array of electronic sounds, the types of which we’ve become accustomed to from his previous work. Soft keys, crunchy percussion, rolling  synths, and rhythmic drum patterns are becoming the staple of an allatus track. Dreamy, ethereal vibes throughout. Grab a free download of ‘Fletcherhere.



Photo: Thomas Van Der Zaag

Yilan is a twenty-one year-old producer based in Coventry, UK. He recently dropped a pretty slick four-track release titled Tremble, featuring a mix of old and new tracks. ‘I’m Not Really Here‘ is an absolute gem; gorgeous vocal samples, energetic keys, and smooth bass give rise to an all too irresistible listening experience. Grab the Tremble release for free here and be sure to check out Yilan‘s eclectic mix of sounds on the cloud.

Yilan – I’m Not Really Here

Wash Away

Photo: Jeffrey McKee

The supremely talented Southampton-based electronic musician Foundrel dropped a number of slick new tracks to close out 2013. This is the first we’ve heard from Foundrel since his glorious opus ‘Void‘. Foundrel‘s penchant for creating electronic bliss is on full display with ‘Wash Away‘. Clicking percussion, progressive chords, warm bass sounds, and smooth vocal samples flourish in this vibe-laden gem. Enjoy free downloads via the cloud.

Foundrel – Wash Away

Things In The Night


GHADIMI is a seventeen year-old producer from Birmingham, England. His soundcloud page presents a variety of interesting sounds that span a number of genres. ‘Things In The Night‘ is GHADIMI‘s most recent track and it’s got a moody, downtempo feel to it. The deep vocal samples are perfectly interwoven with soft, clicking percussion and soothing synth sounds evoking the track’s emotive atmosphere. ‘Things In The Night‘ is free to download here.

GHADIMI – Things In The Night



Last week I was alerted to the sounds of UK-based duo, Root-z. The work of Jack Gwyer and James North, they have delivered two high calibre tracks to date. The duo’s most recent offering, ‘Time Lapse‘, is a soothing, ambient piece. However, it was their striking debut effort, ‘Calling‘, that really grabbed my attention last week. The track creates a dark atmospheric feel full of mystery and intrigue thanks to its emotive vocal sounds and crisp production. Both tracks are free to download here.

Root-z – Calling



Oathless is the work of twenty-one year old producer Simon Housley. The Stoke-on-Trent, UK residing producer has an impressive collection of delicate, ambient-based electronic pieces. Oathless’ latest EP is the staggeringly beautiful four-track release Inhale / Exhale. Easily one of my favourite releases this year, it is available for a small donation here or for free here. Get your journey started with superbly crafted ‘Inhale‘ below.

Oathless – Inhale



Dials is the solo music project of Harry Young. The UK-based musician’s latest offering is precisely what you need this Sunday afternoon. ‘Move’ has a soothing flow to it with its enchanting vocal samples, warm pads, and rich textures. This elegant piece of emotional electronica is free to download here. Also, be sure to check out Dials’ excellent self-titled EP from earlier this year.

Dials – Move