Winter Flags

Photo: Jovan Todorovic

Taken from my favourite release of 2013, ‘Winter Flags‘ is the kind of track that would fit seamlessly into the soundtrack of a Sofia Coppola film. Winter Flags is the side project of Tbilisi, Georgia native Gacha Bakradze. Gacha‘s penchant for creating forward-thinking, emotive ambient music is plain for all to hear on his debut Winter Flags release. The seven-track debut is a masterclass in ambient electronic music. The EP is available via Dado Records.

Winter Flags – Winter Flags

Favourite Releases of the Year 2013


That time of the year has come once again, formulating lists of favourites from the year. In truth, 2013 has been a year of many exciting new artists/releases that I haven’t got around to checking out. The following is a selection of releases that particularly impressed in my opinion and they are very worthy of your attention.

12. Oathless – Inhale / Exhale

11. Surf Dad – Unholy

10. Female – Female

9. Bearcubs – Honest

8. Odesza – My Friends Never Die

7. TMPST – Serpentine

6. Benihana – Patterns

5. Ishome – Confession

4. TWOS – Feel


2. Gacha – Album

1. Winter Flags – Winter Flags